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Rear Projection Packages

Our goal is to help you understand the need for different packages and why each package has a specific application.

It’s important to call or send an e-mail with your questions. We will answer within 24 hours.
Our packages of BASIC, ADVANCED, or PREMIUM have very specific applications for different locations. These are the things that we will explain when you contact us. All bids and presentation proposals are free.

There is no charge for developing a custom package bid request unless you request development of graphics in your presentation.

If you have an agency of record, we will work with them so there is a smooth co-operative development of the application methods required to developed video/animation for this rear glass application.

EXPO Packages

We have for SALE or RENT including set-up and take-down. Call us for more information

    • Rent for a day to present at your EXPO booth or show.
    • Video Projector, Acrylic Display
    • Screen Sizes (4:3 Aspect Ratio) from 3′ x 4′ to 60″ x 80″
    • Screen Sizes (16:9 Aspect Ratio) from 34″ x 60″ to 60″ x 107″
    • Your logo and company products or services animation presentation rotating for 60 seconds
    • Computer is priced separate

Rear projection screens made with Plexiglass acrylic, Hi-Def Rear Projection screens or clear acrylic with rear projection adhesive film laminated to one side. We recommend Plexiglass Hi Def 1/4″ thick screens for superior brightness, contrast and angle viewing.

Our acrylic and screen film or Plexiglass Hi-Def are 3 to 5 times brighter than regular screens made out of screen material.

Packages for STOREFRONT Retail Stores or Restaurants:

This package is called BEYOND OPEN ON GLASS because it will most likely be installed near your front window so it can be seen from outside. It doesn’t matter if you are in a mall or a strip shopping center, the visibility is excellent, so we say this takes the place of an OPEN sign and of course this not only gets people’s attention to know you are open but gives them an extreme amount of information BEYOND just an open sign.
This is a tool to really draw people into your store that may not come in without this animated video package drawing them in.

Grand Openings, Special Events

  • Packages with custom displays or screen directly applied on storefront glass.
  • Video Projector
  • Window Screen. Installed on a piece of acrylic with hardware, ready for installation.
  • You can include your logo animation and AD-ZooM Content Manager to handle your pictures, videos and other content.

BANNER EXPLOSION is the name we give to our indoor digitall animated video banner. To see an example of this product please go to our retail solutions page.