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Rear Adhesive Projection Film


Window display advertising combined with software and electronic technology.

The rear projection film is an adhesive film. It can be easily put onto glass or any acrylic surface.

Product Description

  • Available up to 120″ wide.
  • Viewing angle and contrast varies according to color.
  • Provides an excellent Image quality and color reproduction from the projector.

Applications and Usage

  • Point of Sale for retail and discount outlets
  • In-Store Exhibitions and/or Window Displays
  • Expositions,
  • Shopping Centers, Malls
  • Airports
  • Manufacturing Facilities for production and quality control
  • Etc.

Rear Adhesive Projection Types

  • Transparent / Clear
  • Grey – High Contrast
  • Dark Grey – High Contrast
  • Black – High Contrast
  • White – Bright
  • Double White – High View