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Cost Justification

Attraction with Satisfaction for the Least Amount of Expenditure is the BOTTOM LINE

For Retailers, Manufacturers, Property Management, Education, Training, Entertainment

On premise advertising and communication is your best and least expensive method of public interaction.

When you compare what rear projection can do for your communication with customers or employees, you will find that 100 times more advertising or educational information can be generated in just a few minutes time, as compared to banners posters or vinyl letters could ever accomplish in 30 days.
The greatest concern to every business is effective advertising communication. Every one responds to digital animation because it is a form of entertainment. Advertising that generates a response associated with entertainment is creating a positive relationship with the public at large. Digital video creates magnetic attraction that static signage can never accomplish.

COST VS. RETURN. Static Signage vs. animated digital video

Not including the behind the scenes graphic and photo development cost, a banner can be $80 or $800 dollars, a poster can be $25 each if mass produced or can be $120. 00 one at a time. Vinyl letters can range from $120.00 to $800.00 consider that these forms of advertising and educational information tools are limited to the one or two bits of information and graphics presented. You are unable to change these visuals without ordering more signage with newer up to date graphics and wording. Now considering the statistical fact; people are picking up 20% of static signage at best. Also static signage becomes a diminishing return with time.

Running animated digital video always has fresh content with a constant newness about it because of the instant changeability factors.

Animated digital video can do 100% more than static signage can ever accomplish in 30 days.

Diminishing Cost, Greater Return

Whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer, our reverse projection systems along with our follow up services on a monthly or weekly basis will get you out of the old, slow and outdated methods of advertising to the public and communication with your employees. Now, you can stop constantly ordering, printing, shipping and installing new signs all the time. Digital animated signage combined with high end video graphics is changeable by clicking a few buttons thereby saving thousands of dollars and hundreds of labor hours.