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About PlayOnGlass Rear Projection

What is rear projection? – FOLLOW THE 1-2-3

Rear projection on glasss is digital advertising graphic signage on your storefront glass. Using rear projection for custom storefront signs is a move into the future. Here are three key elements that create this new and exciting way to apply rear projection in your business plans:

We know a picture is worth a thousand words, now we are going to make your store windows talk.

This will have an impact on your customers that is really immeasurable right now because it is so new.

What we do know, is it has a 100% ” WOW ” effect on everyone that sees it.  It`s already being used in Europe, Asia and now, by large corporations in Mexico.

Also, we have found many different levels of marketing, education and manufacturing to offer this product.

What we are talking about is “REAR PROJECTION ON GLASS”, also projection on clear acrylic that has been laminated with our rear projection film. As you will soon see on this web site, there are several different ways to use this technology and its application methods.

New Technology and Marketing Creations to Delight your Customer’s Attention

1. Specialized rear projection screen film selected according to your application.

2. Projector properly installed in a convenient place that projects the right marketing content to attract your customers’ attention.

3. The designing process is the most important part of our packages. Projection on glass or any clear substrate material requires certain adjustments to the design process. We have developed a complete in house method that addresses these issues and creates the best results for a major advertising impact.

Opening New Doors

Rear projection on glass opens doors to advertising that have never existed before. It doesn’t come across as advertising. It subconsciously displays itself as entertaining and informational. With good graphics along with applicable social media communication techniques, this will defiantly become a new source of financial influx.

Sort Thru Solutions will show you the applications needed for implementation. We have the answer and application method.

Projection presentation on a standard screen has been around a long time. With an all new computer base high powered projector with laminated rear projection screen film material on glass, you have a brand new technology that gives advertising a whole new dimension and approach. It is a completely new “WOW” factor that is destined to be a powerful tool for advertisers, interactive education and manufacturing distribution applications.