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Reverse projection on glass or clear acrylic marketing niche is destined to become a big part of the advertising communication industry in America. This is a made to order business vehicle for Maria G. Villafuerte and Michael K. Benn. Their background in the business to business advertising marketing fields makes them the right team to develop this new advertising method and create tremendous successes.

Maria Villafuerte, who has over 25 years in technology, graphic design and computer science experience after graduating from Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico. Maria Villafuerte holds a degree equivalent to B.S.C.E. (Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering). Additional training and certifications include: Master Electrician, Web Design and Social Media Marketing.

Maria uses her diverse background to assist established businesses and new businesses also. She loves the challenges of each business clients need for successful advertising exposure and peripheral materials that make complete marketing programs work. Bringing together many different niche fields of advertising and fulfillment of these unrelated areas shows her dedication to detail and commitment to performance in multiple fields that is in fact related by using different exposure forms for branding exposure. Examples are corporate buildings for corporate neon or L E D signage. Maria can design the right package for you to increase corporate image along with product branding that may be appropriate.

Other examples are web design and content management for search engine optimization. Peripheral materials, brochures, menus, expo displays, sales and marketing materials for sales staff, graphic and copy packages for distributer and franchise sales, content development, photo and video organization and packaging. Also to be considered in Maria`s long list of accomplishments is the development of DOOZYWRAPS. COM. This is an amazing story of successful product marketing by offering to small businesses the development of extensive design concepts for vehicle advertising. This business became very successful in just two years and Maria sold it. It is still running today with the new owners successfully following the marketing concept and customer list developed by Maria and her general manager of nine years, Michael k. Benn.

After selling Impressive and DoozyWraps, Maria started Sort Thru Solutions and now, Almost two years later, along with the last six months of dedication to developing clear screen projection into a going business plan, she is ready to put this in high gear just like she did with DoozyWraps.com. This whole concept is in its infancy right now and all the details of marketing and installation packages are being developed at this very moment. These newly developed products have the names “AD-ZooM.com” and “PlayOnGlass.com”.

Maria loves the advertising graphics industry in all its multiple forms and along with her learned experiences of owning a million dollar graphics business; she demonstrates an outstanding entrepreneurial ability that has the word successes attached to everything she does. She has already become a guiding light in this clear projection niche with many revolutionary marketing plans that will be showing up in the very near future.

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Sort Thru Solutions started in November of 2009 as a result of Maria G. Villafuerte selling her business of eight years, Impressive Signs and Graphics.  Maria started Sort Thru Solutions to create a soft ware package called EXCETRANET and design websites for other businesses. Along the way, she learned about the popularity of reverse projection in European countries. Fascinated with this idea, Maria began looking into this media concept along with Michael K. Benn, who was her general manager for eight years at Impressive Signs and Graphics. After six months of research, they developed www.playonglass.com, and www.ad-zoom.com .  Sort Thru Solutions has now become licensed dealers for SONY projectors and flat screen monitors,  BenQ Projectors, JVC projectors and Viewsonic projectors.

Sort Thru Solutions is now ready to market this all new technology available on the following websites: