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Retail Solutions


Present your products directly into your storefront glass.
System includes:
Projector, mirror system structure, Play On Glass screen adhesive film. Sizes vary from application.

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Present your line of products
Facing the public outside the store or inside the store.
Use your catalog of product pictures or a video. Your customers will definite pay attention to your presentation.

Indoor Animated Banner

A 36″ x 96″ animated banner will be the right advertising screen that you need inside your store. Installation over the registers counter or advertising over a display with new products.

At SORT THRU SOLUTIONS, we create advertising that does not come across as advertising; we create informational and enlightening programs. It excites and is unforgettable. Unforgettable is the key to success with all information and it is the objective of good advertising. This is what we do with every project; we make sure all of these Design Methods are applied to your Branding requirements. Our business is to develop branding packages that buy a place in people’s sub conscious mind for product acceptance and cause customers to take action