What is Play On Glass Technology?
It is playing animated videos on glass or clear acrylic surfaces.
We turn glass and clear acrylic into projection screens and then we apply our rear projection system to play videos on the back side of the glass and clear acrylic. The video is then visible from the front of the glass without any shadow interference as compared to front projection systems.
It has greater and brighter definition than other projection systems from the past.

You will find complete programs and set ups with high powered projectors fully loaded with all media connections and reverse capabilities, using mirror reflective technology to create spectacular rear video presentations.
This is much bigger than flat screen TV’s can be and as you will see in this website we can even create custom shape screen applications.
• Less expensive, larger visuals, rapid change ability
• Completely takes the place of banners and posters for special sales and Holiday Seasons
• Cost comparison to posters and banners justifies using rear projection
• WE DO IT ALL. Rear projection installations and video graphic animations from one source.
• Equipment, screen film, installation and video presentations on Rent or Sale packages.
• Applications on Retail Storefronts, In-Store animated Point of Purchase Displays, Employee Cafeteria Training and Informational video packages
SORT THRU SOLUTIONS is the mother company that owns and operates PlayOnGlass.com and AD-ZooM.com.
At SORT THRU SOLUTIONS, we create advertising that does not come across as advertising; we create informational and enlightening programs. It excites and is unforgettable. Unforgettable is the key to success with all information and it is the objective of good advertising. This is what we do with every project; we make sure all of these Design Methods are applied to your Branding requirements. Our business is to develop branding packages that buy a place in people’s sub conscious mind for product acceptance and cause customers to take action.

PLAY ON GLASS Projection using AD-ZooM Artistic Advertising Design Methods.

With good graphics along with applicable social media communication techniques, this will definitely become a new source of financial influx.

Sort Thru Solutions ownes and operates PlayOnGlass.com and AD-ZooM.com